Bramble jam (mum’s recipe)

The above title is a combination of the words blackberry and apple just in case you haven’t heard it used before and it really is also a jelly,  as it is seedless, but I prefer to call it jam. The blackberries are passed through a muslin and left to drain overnight therefore the result is seedfree. We (Philip and I)  pick the blackberries in August and September and freeze them so you can choose when to make the jam when you have some time available. I wash the blackberries when I remove them from the freezer while they are still frozen.

2 to 3 pounds of blackberries heated inwith about 100mls of water for about 5 minutes and left to drip overnight into a bowl through  muslin lined sieve.
1 pint of pureed apples made from 2lbs of apples cooked with half pint of water.
1 pint of blackberry juice
2 lbs of sugar. If you haven’t a jam thermometer use pectin sugar.
juice of a lemon
knob of butter

Heat pureed apples and blackberry juice in large jam pam or other thick bottomed pan. When mixture is boiling add sugar. When the sugar has dissolved add the lemon juice and butter, stirring occasionally. Bring to a rolling boil and if using pectin sugar test after 4 minutes. It is ready when a plate put in the freezer with a tsp of jam wrinkles when you push the jam with your finger. If using a thermometer 22o degrees fahrenheit is the setting point. The time taken to reach this is variable depending on the amount o f natural pectin in the fruit. This batch took 17 minutes to reach the magic temperature, the last batch 24 minutes. Pour into sterilised jars (Clean jars heated in the oven on a low setting for at least 20 minutes). Keep the jars in the oven until ready to use, as pouring hot jam into cold jars will shatter the glass. I speak from experience. Put wax discs onto the hot jam and place the lids on straight away to keep them sterile. The jam will keep for a year in a cool dry place if unopened. Once open store in the fridge.

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